Truganini Biography

Truganini (also Trucanini, and ‘Princess Lalla Rookh'), was a Tasmanian Aborigine of the Palawah people, who became well known to the European community. In 1803 the first Europeans arrived in Van Diemen's Land, as Tasmania was then known. They began clearing and farming the land.

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Truganini about 1866


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For the last few years of her life, she lived in Hobart and was well known by the townspeople. She dressed in the traditional way of the Palawah people wearing a bright red cap, an adaptation of the red gum tips or ochre her people wore in their hair.

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Today, some 3000 people, who assert their Aboriginality, still live in Tasmania. Truganini's spirit lives today within Tasmania's Palawah people.

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