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10 Hidden Easter Eggs in the Latest Call of Duty You Must See!

Every game of the globally acclaimed Call of Duty franchise hides treasures – little secrets waiting to be uncovered by its loyal fanbase. The latest installment, continuing this beloved tradition, brings a stash of mesmerizing Easter eggs that pay homage to gaming history, pop culture, and even to the franchise’s legacy. Let’s plunge into the world of coded mysteries with these ten Easter eggs you simply can’t miss!

Easter Egg 1: The Nostalgic Arcade

Located in the deserted building on the west side of the map, you’ll find a fully functioning arcade machine that whisks players to a retro game from the early 90s. The game, a fun throwback, serves as a nostalgic nod to where it all started.

Easter Egg 2: Hidden Musical Scores

Scattered throughout the map, you can find hidden musical scores, a musical puzzle waiting to be solved. Collect them all and play them in the correct order at the central bunker, a haunting melody fills the air, signaling your success.

Easter Egg 3: The Dancing Zombies

In the darkest corners of the Zombies mode, there’s a disco ball hanging. If you shoot it, a groovy 70’s tune blasts out and the undead begin to boogie down. The sight of dancing zombies is a spectacle you don’t want to miss.

Easter Egg 4: Iconic Movie References

Various film references have been incorporated, from an Indiana Jones-style hat left in the ruins to the infamous volleyball named Wilson from Cast Away, stranded on a deserted beach. They stand as cinematic Easter eggs paying tribute to some of the greatest moments in movie history.

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Easter Egg 5: An Ode to Old Maps

In a beautiful homage to the franchise’s history, various iconic locations from past games have been meticulously replicated and cleverly integrated into the new map. They serve as nostalgic Easter eggs for veteran players.

Easter Egg 6: Pop-Culture Graffiti

Graffiti scattered around the urban areas depict characters from various pop-culture references, including comic books, movies, and other games. It’s a visually pleasing Easter egg that adds a dash of color and humor to the otherwise grim surroundings.

Easter Egg 7: The Ghostly Apparition

In the eerie night setting, a spectral figure can be seen wandering in the distant fog if observed from a specific location. This chilling Easter egg adds an element of suspense and intrigue to the gameplay.

Easter Egg 8: Cryptic Coded Messages

Randomly scattered throughout the map are various coded messages waiting to be deciphered. Each message, once solved, reveals a hidden story or provides hints to uncover other Easter eggs.

Easter Egg 9: Developer’s Signature

Tucked away in a hidden location, players can find the developer’s signature carved into the wooden panel. It serves as a subtle nod to the people who brought the game to life.

Easter Egg 10: The Hidden Weapon

A super powerful, secret weapon awaits players skilled enough to crack the intricate puzzle that leads to its location. This Easter egg takes the game to a new level, rewarding the sharpest minds with a tool that delivers exhilarating combat advantage.

Final Easter Egg Unearthed

That wraps up our treasure hunt through the latest installment of Call of Duty. These hidden gems enhance our gaming experience, adding layers of depth, humor, nostalgia, and intrigue that keep us coming back for more. So, gear up, load your game, and embark on an unforgettable journey to uncover these Easter eggs that make this chapter of Call of Duty an absolute blast!

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