Asian Film Awards: ‘Decision to Leave’ And ‘Drive My Car’ Lead Nomination

The Asian Film Awards (AFA) are fast approaching, and this year’s nominees have just been announced. Leading the pack is Park Chan-wook’s stylish crime drama Decision to Leave, which has received a whopping 10 nominations, including Best Director and Best Film.

Set in South Korea, Decision to Leave follows the story of a former hitman who is pulled back into the criminal underworld after receiving a mysterious offer from his former employer. The film has been praised for its sleek visuals and complex characters, and it’s no surprise that it’s leading the nominations for this year’s AFAs.

Another film that has received a lot of buzz is Drive My Car, a Japanese romantic comedy about a struggling actor who ends up driving his famous novelist neighbor around town. The film has received seven nominations, including Best Actor for its lead, Ryota Katayose.

Other notable nominees include the critically acclaimed Indian film A Suitable Boy, which has received six nods, and the Hong Kong film A Witness Out of the Blue, which has received five. Both films have received nominations for Best Film, and are sure to be strong contenders in the race for the top prize.

The AFAs are one of the most prestigious film awards in Asia, and this year’s ceremony is sure to be a star-studded affair. In addition to the film categories, there are also awards for Best Actor, Best actress, and Best supporting actor/actress. The nominees for these categories are a diverse group, with talent from all over the region being recognized.

One thing that sets the AFAs apart from other film awards is the focus on emerging talent. In addition to the main awards, there is also a “Rising Star” category, which recognizes up-and-coming actors and actresses who are making a splash in the industry. This year’s nominees include actors from countries like South Korea, Japan, and China, and it’s always exciting to see new talent being recognized on the world stage.

Overall, this year’s Asian Film Awards look set to be a celebration of the best and brightest in Asian cinema. With a wide range of nominees and a diverse group of talent being recognized, it’s sure to be a night to remember for film fans all over the world. Whether you’re rooting for Decision to Leave or A Suitable Boy, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the AFAs.

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