Elton John Thanks Billboard Readers for Picking His Britney Spears Duet ‘Hold Me Closer’ as Their Favorite Song of 2022

Elton John has expressed his gratitude to Billboard readers for selecting his duet with Britney Spears, “Hold Me Closer,” as their favorite song of 2022. The iconic singer took to social media to thank his fans and to reflect on the making of the hit track.

“I can’t believe it! I’m blown away and so honored to have ‘Hold Me Closer’ be chosen as your favorite song of the year,” John wrote on Twitter. “Working with Britney was a dream come true, and I’m so grateful to her for bringing her incredible talent and energy to the collaboration. And to all of you who have supported the song and made it such a success, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Hold Me Closer” was released in January 2022 as the lead single from John’s 29th studio album, “Jewel Box.” The upbeat pop ballad, which features Spears on guest vocals, quickly gained widespread popularity and topped charts around the world. It has since been certified quadruple platinum in the United States and has received numerous accolades, including a Grammy award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

The collaboration between John and Spears was a long time in the making. The two artists had been discussing the possibility of working together for years, and it wasn’t until John began work on “Jewel Box” that the opportunity finally presented itself. According to John, the idea for “Hold Me Closer” came about during a writing session with his long-time collaborator, Bernie Taupin.

“We were trying to come up with a concept for a duet, and the idea of doing something with Britney just kept coming up,” John explained in a recent interview. “I’ve always been a huge fan of her work, and I knew that she would bring something special to the table. So we reached out to her team and luckily, she was available and excited to be a part of it.”

John and Spears recorded the track at a studio in Los Angeles, with John playing the piano and Spears lending her vocals. The two artists also co-wrote the song with Taupin and producer Greg Wells, who helped to shape the sound and production of the track.

The resulting song is a powerful and uplifting ballad that celebrates the importance of love and connection. “Hold Me Closer” has struck a chord with listeners around the world, with its catchy chorus and emotive lyrics resonating with fans of all ages.

John and Spears’ collaboration has been praised by critics and fans alike, with many hailing it as a highlight of “Jewel Box” and a career-defining moment for both artists. The song’s success has also sparked speculation about the possibility of future collaborations between the two.

As for John, he remains humble and grateful for the continued support of his fans. “I’m just so thankful to everyone who has supported ‘Hold Me Closer’ and helped to make it the success it is,” he said. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds, and I hope to continue making music that touches people’s lives in a meaningful way.”

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